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Do you work outside of the Cincinnati Area?

Yes we do. While the bulk of our business happens within a few hours of Cincinnati, A & K Entertainment travels all over the country as well as internationally.

Do you offer straight rentals of gear?

Yes we do. call the office at 513.410.6419. You can pick up gear straight from our dock or we can deliver to you. Either way, our trained technicians will help you understand the equipment you are renting before you run it on your own. Just ask for assistance.

How do I request a quote for an event?

There are a few ways you can request a quote from us. First, you can visit our Contact Us page and fill out the form. Once we receive your information, one of our Production Managers will be in touch with you with any questions to start your event. You are also welcome to call into our office where you will be directly connected to one of our sales agents who can walk you through what we need to get rolling.

Does my event require a building permit?

Most events will require you to apply for a permit for the stage, roof or electrical work that needs to be done to make your event function. This depends on the size of structure you will need. You can contact your city or county Building Department for more information.

A & K Entertainment is happy to secure the engineering and permitting that will be needed for your event for an added fee. Securing the permits yourself may save you some money on the budget but it is a time consuming process.

Please make sure you factor this in when you are budgeting for your event.

I don't know where to start for my event. Can you Help?

Yes we certainly can. Our Production Managers are extremely talented and can help you get a jump on your event. We can meet you for a site survey of your location and top to bottom help you plan your entire event. Give us a call to get started.

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